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Stretching my comfort zone

Sometimes my son resists doing something that's difficult for him. He complains that his sister doesn't have to... My response is usually, "Hey, it builds character."

In the past month, I have been challenged to stretch my boundaries. If raising support wasn't already a character developing activity, this stretching is. God has smiled and said, "Hey, you're building character." I get it. Maybe.

So all of a sudden I am managing three ministry websites and copy-editing a book (Stay tuned on this one. It is very good and I hope to share more when my work is done.) These are paid work and something I can take with me anywhere. I have experience in both, but it has been a long time and limited (please pray for me. Oh and the people I'm working for.) God is stretching me. I am working hard to learn how to do these jobs better. I'm reading everything I can on both subjects and reviewing every bit of work several times.

Stretching is hard on a soul, but the rewards so far have been significant. I've needed some success to encourage me recently. It has been refreshing. And it builds character. ;-)


Here are links to the websites I am managing.


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