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When he first showed up to the ministry he was no more than a buck 10, strung out and hadn't eat

Jonathan and Lindsay

This was a sentiment heard at the rehearsal dinner that I was privileged to attend last week. Jonathan was a skinny kid whose life was filled with trauma and then drugs. He ended up at CareCenter ministries in Dallas and his life was radically changed by God. He went from that starving addict to the director of the ministry. God delivered him from addiction and used others to help him heal from the past hurts. Lyndsay was a sweet young woman who lost her way into drugs. She also came to CareCenter Ministries looking for help and found God's delivering power. God worked on her and healed her and she moved through the leadership program as well and became the women's home director. Through a very sweet courtship, the love between these two grew and we had the privilege of watching walking miracles join their lives together. The power of God is an amazing thing! He desires to change the world one heart at a time. Join us in praying for these same transformations in Ireland as well as where you live. God wants us to join Him in the work that He is doing. We thank you so much for your prayers for us!


We are excited to welcome some new monthly partners as well as some of you who raised your gift these past couple months. Thank you to First Baptist Church of Garland who became a monthly partner! Many of you have mentioned that you are praying about whether to become a monthly or yearly partner. We ask that you let us know when God answers your prayer whether it is a "yes," or a "no," or a "when you go." To make it to our final training we need 75% of our monthly budget pledged! You can make that happen quickly. Birthday season is coming to an end. July is Mark and Carrie's birthday month and Brendan celebrated his in June. It has been a lovely time of making memories and being with friends. We are looking forward to the rest of July filled with family and friends visits and trips to Longview. Pray for Brendan as he goes to his first overnight camp in a couple weeks and for his counselors! Be sure to check out our website, as Mark has been adding some new pages. He has added some information on how to become an advocate for us. It gives detail in how you can help us to reach our fundraising goals quicker by introducing us to your friends and Sunday School class. We love and appreciate you all so much. It is only through your support and prayers that this journey is possible.

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