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"Shall we meet for coffee?"

Yes, was the answer we received as we texted this to friends. Later that evening we sat in the quaint shop surrounded by the smell of roasted coffee beans. "So, what has God been doing in your life lately?" Mark asked of his friend. I listened to all the things that God had been teaching this young man. I also listened as Mark gently nudged him in his walk with the Lord, challenging him to read this section of Scripture or pray about something. A bit later my own friend came into the coffee shop. A very similar conversation continued between my friend and myself, although I may not always be gentle like Mark. I have been known to be a bit opinionated (lol.) A wonderful evening went by quickly sharing life, both happy and sad, with these sweet friends. We were sad to realize that the children were begging to go to bed and it was already 10 pm. We hugged and prayed and know that these nights are so special and look forward to the next one. This is one picture of discipleship and what we will be doing when we get to Ireland. There it may be in our house or a pub, cafe, or coffee shop, but living life with others is our priority. Only by spending time with another person can we truly speak life into in them. One of our friends had the privilege to meet a sweet Irish girl living here in Dallas. This is what she said when she found out that we are going to Ireland as missionaries. " Her name is Kelia. She immigrated here from Ireland and was born again. She said it is extremely sad because everyone from where she came is either atheist or Catholic in name only. She said she feels like her home country is dying. Thank you for being a part of this ministry. Through your prayers, giving, and sharing of our story we are getting closer to working in Ireland one day at a time. God has really moved this past month and more and more people have stepped up and pledged to give or shared our calling with others. Is God moving your heart to do something for Him?

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